Miracle Cloth Miracle Cloth

$ 255.00$ 158.00

Miracle Cloth Miracle ClothBrand: Miracle ClothItem Number: M210All purpose polishing cloth. A revolutionary polishing cloth that replaces a full shelf of liquid, paste and powder cleaners. Ideal for home, shop...

Knife Pivot Lube Rust Eraser

$ 442.00$ 316.00

Knife Pivot Lube Rust EraserBrand: Knife Pivot LubeItem Number: KPLRUSTERASEDimensions: 3.25" x 2" x 1". Medium-soft rubber eraser that embeds microabrasive particles that make short work of rust spots, pitting...

Knife Pivot Lube Maintenance Kit

$ 730.00$ 560.00

Knife Pivot Lube Maintenance KitBrand: Knife Pivot LubeItem Number: KPLMAINTKITIncludes: Knife pivot lube; Microfiber cleaning cloth; VibraTite medium removable thread locker; (15) ultra-fine microfiber detailing swabs; Die-cut logo sticker.SPECIFICATIONS:Weight: .08lbCountry...

Knife Pivot Lube Microfiber Detailing Swabs

$ 323.00$ 215.00

Knife Pivot Lube Microfiber Detailing SwabsBrand: Knife Pivot LubeItem Number: KPLDTL50PK4" overall. Plastic swabs with precise 10mm tips with ultra-fine microfiber bristles. Pack of 50. Bulk packed.SPECIFICATIONS:Weight: .06lbCountry Of Origin:...

Real Avid Accu-Grip Picks and Brushes

$ 461.00$ 332.00

Real Avid Accu-Grip Picks and BrushesBrand: Real AvidItem Number: AVPBSErgonomic triangular handle. Rigid engineering grade resin. Four brushes including a combination Smart Brush. Eight picks and scrapers. Hang packaged.SPECIFICATIONS:Weight: 0.30lbCountry...

FrogLube Mini-Tube Pistol Cleaning Kit

$ 910.00$ 713.00

FrogLube Mini-Tube Pistol Cleaning KitBrand: FrogLubeItem Number: FROG15257Kit includes individual FrogLube CLP paste squeeze packs, degreasing solvent spray, bore pull thru lanyard with 8/32 receiver, andSwab-Its bore tips cleaning swabs...

FrogLube Weapons Care System Pack

$ 950.00$ 747.00

FrogLube Weapons Care System PackBrand: FrogLubeItem Number: FROG15207Contains: 1oz solvent, one tube CLP and brush. Non-toxic. Non-flammable. Reduces residue.SPECIFICATIONS:Weight: 0.30lbCountry Of Origin: USA

FrogLube Frog Tube

$ 1,459.00$ 1,178.00

FrogLube Frog TubeBrand: FrogLubeItem Number: FROG15200Contains: 1oz solvent; 4oz CLP paste; 1.5oz CLP squeeze tube; brush and towel. Non-toxic. Non-flammable. Reduces Residue.SPECIFICATIONS:Weight: 0.75lbCountry Of Origin: USA

FrogLube Super Degreaser 4 oz

$ 594.00$ 445.00

FrogLube Super Degreaser 4 ozBrand: FrogLubeItem Number: FROG15216Professional grade. Super strength carbon and metal cleaner. Bio-based, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-petroleum concentrated dry solvent. Used as a high powered degreasing solvent (DS),...

Knife Pivot Lube Selvyt Microfiber Cloth

$ 305.00$ 200.00

Knife Pivot Lube Selvyt Microfiber ClothBrand: Knife Pivot LubeItem Number: KPLSELVYTDimensions: 14" x 14". Made from a synthetic polymer that is forced through microscopic spinnerets to create micron-scale fibers that...

Gear Aid Tent Seam Sealant 2oz

$ 280.00$ 179.00

Gear Aid Tent Seam Sealant 2ozBrand: Gear AidItem Number: MCN10601Amount: 2 oz; Other Info: Fast drying, water based urethane formula. Ideal for tents, tarps, rainwear, and more. Dries to a...

Wisemen Trading Knife and Axe Wax 4oz

$ 727.00$ 558.00

Wisemen Trading Knife and Axe Wax 4ozBrand: Wisemen TradingItem Number: WST45624oz. Ingredients: Beeswax, linseed oil, and clove oil. Comes in round tin with screw top lid. Bulk packed.SPECIFICATIONS:Weight: .28lbCountry Of...

Remington Brite Bore 2oz Bottle

$ 214.00$ 123.00

Remington Brite Bore 2oz BottleBrand: RemingtonItem Number: R183672oz. Applicator tip. Dissolves carbon and powder fouling from firearm barrels. Removes copper, lead, and plastic wad deposits from shotgun bores. Cleans shotgun...

Lucas Oil Extreme Duty CLP 4oz

$ 359.00$ 246.00

Lucas Oil Extreme Duty CLP 4ozBrand: Lucas OilItem Number: LO109154oz. Cleans and protects firearms in one step. Penetrates deep into rusted firearms, freeing stuck parts and aids in cleaning. Long-lasting...

Lucas Oil Extreme Duty Gun Grease 1oz

$ 464.00$ 335.00

Lucas Oil Extreme Duty Gun Grease 1ozBrand: Lucas OilItem Number: LO108891oz. Smooth, tacky consistency stays where applied. Excellent rust protection. Prevents salt water corrosion. Temperature range: -20F to 572F. Timken...

Lucas Oil Gun Metal Polish 16oz

$ 550.00$ 408.00

Lucas Oil Gun Metal Polish 16ozBrand: Lucas OilItem Number: LO1088016oz. Safe for use on all metals. Cleans, polishes, and protects in one step. Additive cleans and polishes factory firearm finishes...

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